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If you decide to strip a surface clean manually, know that you are in for a very time-consuming chore. Fortunately, there is an alternative. If you want to remove large amounts of paint and rust, without spending too much time and effort, you should opt for dustless blasting. This type of blasting, also known as wet blasting, has become somewhat popular in the last few years, and for some good reasons, which we will cover throughout this article.

But, before we do that and before you get dustless sandblasting, let’s take a look at the blasting method itself and cover some general points.

Dustless sandblasting

22,nvnckjvkjBefore we get down to the reasons why you should utilize dustless sandblasting, let’s just clarify what this method means and encompasses. Even though it is called “dustless,” this process of blasting does not remove all the sandblast dust. Instead, it helps to suppress it greatly. Dustless blasting typically utilizes water to moisten the dust, which is usually a result of the blast fragmenting once it hits a particular surface.

This exact procedure can be performed in some ways, by injecting water directly into the blast media, right at the tip of the blast nozzle, to mixing the blast media and water inside to blast pot. Regardless of the method used, the overall goal is still to reduce the amount of dust during the sandblasting process substantially.

Key benefits of the dustless blasting method

No health risks

Dustless blasting has some advantages over the more traditional sandblasting methods. For starters, it is known to remove any health risks associated with sandblasting completely. Numerous medical studies have shown that standard sandblasting techniques can contribute to the development of silicosis, which is a crippling lung disease. Since dustless blasting typically utilizes a wet media, it can hit a surface much harder and strip it much more efficiently. Since there is almost no dust left, it is undoubtedly the cleanest method of blasting out there. As a result, there is almost no risk of the onset of silicosis, which, in turn, makes it perfectly safe for the workers and the operators to be in the close vicinity during the process.

Less need for abrasive materials

33bvfdhgkhjdkhWith dustless blasting, there is a reduced amount of abrasive materials needed for the task. It also takes much less time to finish a job, and it doesn’t warp fragile or thin materials due to friction. Furthermore, dustless blasting is considerably less expensive than other methods, requires fewer containment measures, and leaves any surface perfectly decontaminated and prepared for the next step.

Keep in mind that with dustless sandblasting, it only takes around 4 to 5 bags of glass abrasive to fully strip a car, and within just a couple of hours. However, if you decide to use 8 or 9 bags of the same abrasive materials, you could strip your car in no more than an hour.

Easy cleanup

Last, but not least, dustless blasting allows for an easy and simple cleanup job. For that matter, the operator can lay down plastic across the affected area in advance, to quickly collect the abrasive media later. Since there are no traces of dust, the abrasive media can be quickly localized and cleaned once the job is finished.

Tears and fears often mark the first day you take your child to school. At some point, this makes you think that it might too early to send your child to school. Since education mandatory, you should never allow the thought to delay taking your child to school provided they are of age. However, the decision to take your child to school also presents another challenge of having to find the right school for your kid. Here are some tips that will see you find the right school for your child.

Factors to consider when choosing a preschool

The curriculum


The quality of education offered in a nursery school rests on the curriculum used. Well, most school today pride themselves in having a school curriculum. Unfortunately, only a select few like the The Finchley Preschool have a program that inspires the best in kids. In this regard, you should always be looking at the strong points of a given curriculum against what you would want for them.

Who is in charge?

As a parent, see to it that you trust the people you will be leaving your child with. This is an important factor considering that your kid will be spending a significant part of their day with them. You can start by looking at how the teachers present themselves, and how they go about their daily business. Moreover, if you are always free to pop into the school and see what happens, you have every reason to trust them.

Your child feels safe

The safety of your child is of utmost importance when choosing a preschool. As much as you might be okay with what you see at the school, you also need to consider your child’s feeling about the environment. Ideally, kids tend to be very intuitive. This places them in a good position to tell whether they feel comfortable or not. You can tag them along during your first visit to that school.

You are given daily reports

CASDcaSDA daily report serves to let you know what your child has accomplished in school. This serves to keep you informed of what is going on at school. In case they are not able to provide a daily report, a weekly report can suffice.

These are just but a few tips to start you off with the selection process. However, you also need to get referrals and most importantly visit the school before you enroll them there. The main reason for doing this is to ensure your kid gets a home away from home.

Vacuuming a carpet is one of the most hated housekeeping chores. It is not only laborious but boring. In today’s faced paced world, you can always have someone attend to such tasks as you look at other pressing issues. A robot vacuum cleaner works perfectly for most people. If you are yet to try a robot vacuum cleaner, take your time and look at the options available at Best Carpet Cleaner Guide. There are different types and models, which even better models yet to hit the market as technology develops.

Why you need a robot vacuum cleaner


Looking at the laborious nature or regular vacuuming, having a robot will certainly be rewarding. Gone are the days where you had to spend time vacuuming your carpets or hiring someone for such jobs. That said, here is what you stand to gain by having a robot or an automated vacuum cleaner.

No need for manual operations

As much as you might be physically fit, manual vacuuming is certainly boring and monotonous. Again, if you suffer from mobility related complications, a carpet cleaning robot can certainly help you without straining you in any way. These devices contain advanced sensors, which allow them to move around and clean your surfaces to perfection. Not just that, some units can be preset to clean, which means cleaning can be done without your presence.

Adjusts to different surfaces

Different surfaces should be cleaned differently. As such, robot cleaners are well aware of this fact. They automatically change at various surfaces thanks to the precise sensors used in these units. Besides, they also detect areas with walls and other obstructions to prevent damage to the unit and your belongings. Interestingly, these units also adjust cleaning settings automatically, which meats dirtier places get special treatment.

Can clean when you are away

ascdaaSDSdcaWith a robot vacuum cleaner, you can always have your house cleaned while you are not at home. This can be instant relief for individuals with no time for vacuuming. As such, you only need to set or program the robot to start cleaning during certain times. Not just that, some robots can recharge themselves just in case power runs out before completing the job.

Low maintenance

Compared to traditional vacuums, robots require minimal maintenance. These machines are built to last. The only thing you need to do is to empty the container. Sounds great? If yes, you have every reason to let this appliance handle your vacuuming needs.

At one time or another, each business will need finances to boost its day to day operations. At other times, the finances may be to take it to another level or clear a huge debt which is strangling its operations. As a business owner, one has numerous options to use but depending on some eligibility factors. Research from the Internet or through consultation with financial experts will show you all the option you have. Below are the common sources of finances for businesses.

Various ways a business can get financed

Cash advance

gfhhgfhfghfghgfhgfWith the increased use of credit cards, businesses are embracing cash advance option from reliable lenders as a way to boost their daily operations. The beauty of using a reliable lender is that they will walk with you whenever you have a challenge especially after creating a good relationship. When looking for business cash advance loans, they will not need your credit history to qualify you for this but rather your previous credit sales.

Business loans

It all depends on the lender to give the business loan. They have different conditions before giving this financial help. Some like banks use the credit history before they grant any business a loan. Other lenders especially financial companies dedicated to businesses only use debit history of the business. Either way, business loans are usually a good way to boost your financial needs as a business. No collateral is needed here.

Normal loans

Normal loans are mostly offered by banks and other big lending institutions. They focus on credit score as a determinant factor to lend you and will need a collateral. As a business, you can use an asset like equipment or property as the collateral. The interest rates are usually high. Most businesses shy off from seeking this financial help due to the complication in the whole process. However, the loan limit is high as compared to other forms of loans and will be convenient for big businesses.

Getting an investor input

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdgdfgSome businesses especially those that need to grow to another level or saved from a big financial crisis can seek an investor’s help. Similarly, a business start-up can also use the same option where possible. The only secret to succeeding in this option is to convince the investors through the use of convincing business plans. The investors share the risks with the owner thus making it a very good option

If you are a business person in need of finances for your business, consider using one of these ways to finance your business.

There are a lot of considerations done prior shipping packages of mailboxes. Before mailing, clients are requested to pay the whole amount of the accompanying shipping fee and make sure that they are not underpaying on postage. Packages sent with underpaid postage usually delay their deliveries, and after the due date, the recipient starts incurring late charges.

Before setting mail packages for shipping from the shipping store, various measures are taken into consideration, and this mostly depends on the standards laid down by shipping agencies although most of them are common across all the bodies. Tips to consider before shipping include:

Verifying the class of the mail

Before shipping, mail classification is divided into different categories and shipment is also done according to their class-correspondence. Usually, packaged parcels with mails weighing more than 13 oz are classified under priority mails and should be shipped with high-priority mail service, while those that fall under 13 oz are classified under First-class parcels.

Examining mail dimensions

002Charging is also done with consideration of mail sizes. It is usually known as dimension weight, and the sender should ensure that the dimensions presented are accurate to receive the exact charges. The DIM (dimension) weight is calculated by multiplying a package’s length, width and height after where a volumetric divisor is applied to present the actual DIM weight which is used to determine an exact pricing.

Labels are also made sure to match the packaging.

Correct labeling ensures that the package is delivered to the right address. Packages should at all time be labeled correctly to prevent confusion before and after shipping is done.

Inexact weights should be rounded-off

Most shipping agencies round-up weight figures usually to the next ounce or pound. The rounding up is typically done to all mails including both international and local mails. For example, a package weighing 2 lbs and 7 oz should be charged similar to a 3 lbs package.

Mail drop-off and packaging

Mail drop-off and packaging takes into account the correspondence classes. Most carriers will first prioritize 003packaging priority-class mails which weigh more than 13 oz before packaging the first-class mail parcels. Mail packages should also contain correct postages before they are to be shipped failure to which they will be delayed and the mail owner forced to incur extra overdue charges. Previously, priority mail services were usually dealt by the post office, but recently, carriers have involved them in their delivery services making it efficient for mail owners to have the mails delivered efficiently.