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Jennifer Kelman and Family
Jennifer Kelman is the creative personality behind Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and her silly dog Moopus. Unlike Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, who hails from Poppingham, England, Jennifer Kelman grew up in Jericho, New York, where at age 14 she began babysitting and volunteering at her local hospital to help children suffering from illness. Her love of children prompted her education and career path, as she graduated with a BA in Sociology from American University and then a Masters in Social Work from New York University.
She then founded Healing Connections, a non-profit organization to prevent eating disorders, lecturing to more than 10,000 students and parents. As soon as Jennifer became an aunt, she spent as much time as possible with her niece and nephews. That is how she discovered her storytelling muse—improvising characters, channeling silly voices, and doing impersonations. Taking care of her nephew when his parents were away, Jennifer was inspired to create Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, Silliest, Warmest Know-It-All. Now she has created a line of popular products including dolls, music, temporary tattoos, and a children’s book series based on the lovable Mrs. Pinkelmeyer.
Mrs. PinkelmeyerMrs. Pinkelmeyer was born out of necessity. One evening Jennifer’s nephew missed his parents so much that he was inconsolable. No matter what Jennifer tried, she couldn’t get his mind off his vacationing parents. It was then that the lovely lady from England skipped out of Jennifer’s imagination. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer came to the rescue along with her wonderful dog, Moopus McGlinden, named after Jennifer’s own lovable canine companion, Moopy. Jennifer improvised Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, English accent and all, for the wonderful delight of her nephew, who soon stopped crying.
Today, Jennifer can be seen around her hometown of Parkland, FL, dressed as Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, spreading her love and warmth to children through musical performances, Pinkelmeyer parties and book signings and readings. When not developing new Pinkelmeyer products, Jennifer is an avid athlete who enjoys playing tennis. Jennifer’s greatest joy, however, is motherhood; she is blessed with twins, a boy and a girl, who inspire her creativity.