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There are a lot of considerations done prior shipping packages of mailboxes. Before mailing, clients are requested to pay the whole amount of the accompanying shipping fee and make sure that they are not underpaying on postage. Packages sent with underpaid postage usually delay their deliveries, and after the due date, the recipient starts incurring late charges.

Before setting mail packages for shipping from the shipping store, various measures are taken into consideration, and this mostly depends on the standards laid down by shipping agencies although most of them are common across all the bodies. Tips to consider before shipping include:

Verifying the class of the mail

Before shipping, mail classification is divided into different categories and shipment is also done according to their class-correspondence. Usually, packaged parcels with mails weighing more than 13 oz are classified under priority mails and should be shipped with high-priority mail service, while those that fall under 13 oz are classified under First-class parcels.

Examining mail dimensions

mailboxesCharging is also done with consideration of mail sizes. It is usually known as dimension weight, and the sender should ensure that the dimensions presented are accurate to receive the exact charges. The DIM (dimension) weight is calculated by multiplying a package’s length, width and height after where a volumetric divisor is applied to present the actual DIM weight which is used to determine an exact pricing.

Labels are also made sure to match the packaging.

Correct labeling ensures that the package is delivered to the right address. Packages should at all time be labeled correctly to prevent confusion before and after shipping is done.

Inexact weights should be rounded-off

Most shipping agencies round-up weight figures usually to the next ounce or pound. The rounding up is typically done to all mails including both international and local mails. For example, a package weighing 2 lbs and 7 oz should be charged similar to a 3 lbs package.

Mail drop-off and packaging

Mail drop-off and packaging takes into account the correspondence classes. Most carriers will first prioritize Mail packagespackaging priority-class mails which weigh more than 13 oz before packaging the first-class mail parcels. Mail packages should also contain correct postages before they are to be shipped failure to which they will be delayed and the mail owner forced to incur extra overdue charges. Previously, priority mail services were usually dealt by the post office, but recently, carriers have involved them in their delivery services making it efficient for mail owners to have the mails delivered efficiently.