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Physiotherapy is one of the best remedies to certain conditions that result in pain and poor fitness. You should look for a good physio to attend to you. Are physiotherapists operating in Victoria during COVID? You can still access the services of some physiotherapists in Victoria who are observing all their COVID-19 guidelines.

When looking for good physiotherapy, choosing the right physiotherapist is, of course, particularly crucial. Professional competence and empathy are probably the most important qualities of a good physiotherapist. But how can you find the right one, where new practices are always being opened up and down the country? We tell you what to consider when searching.

The First Contact

To put body and health inphysiotherapy competent hands, one should be attentive from the first contact. The friendliness of the staff alone is not necessarily a decisive criterion. However, it does matter whether you are asked about your complaints when you make an appointment. This is the only way to ensure that you end up with the right therapist.

A high willingness to provide information on the part of employees also suggests professionalism and a genuine interest in the patient’s health. In addition, an uncomplicated process when making appointments speaks for a well-organized practice.

In Practice

At the first appointment, you should be informed by the physiotherapist about the basic course of the treatment. This is usually followed by an extensive survey on the current state of health, your fitness, the living conditions, and, of course, your complaints. The entire following treatment is based on this anamnesis – it is decisive for successful physiotherapy.

The more extensive the anamnesis, the more specifically the therapy can be adapted to your individual needs. So be honest with yourself during the interview and also point out previous injuries or problems with your health. In this case, a little too much is better than too little.

After taking the anamnesis, a competent therapist will usually get the first impression of your physical condition. To do this, they undress down to their underwear so that all movements can be recorded. Typical examination criteria here are an inspection of the posture and gait analysis. After the therapist has got the first impression, the affected areas are scanned and examined again during the so-called palpation.


The therapeuticphysical therapy measures can be discussed based on the test results. It is important that the therapist informs you extensively about the methods used and possible risks and that the therapist responds sensitively to your questions. If you feel uncomfortable or if you are unclear, please speak openly.

Whether strength training, massage techniques, or lymphatic drainage – communication between patient and therapist also plays a significant role in physiotherapy. For example, the symptoms may initially worsen temporarily during treatment – if this is the case, make sure to mention them.